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About CKDI

Financing Dreams Since 1958

Central Kansas Development, Inc - CKDI - has been in operation for over 60 years, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders finance new opportunities that promote economic development in Great Bend, Kansas and the surrounding area. Originally known as Great Bend Development Inc, the organization was founded by a group of investors with a vision to help facilitate economic growth by investing in businesses who needed some creative financing. Since the 1950s, CKDI has helped dozens of companies expand their operations, purchase new equipment, acquire real estate, and overcome barriers keeping them from growth and success.

How CKDI Can Help


20% of small businesses fail in the first year.

30% fail in their second year.

And similar numbers fail after five years.

CKDI exists to provide confidential and non-conventional financing for economic development projects. And to help ensure the success of the businesses we partner with, our experienced volunteers provide mentorship for the first year after the financing has been secured.

We live and work here, and we want to invest in the future of this community's success. And since our volunteers are running businesses of their own, we can provide a sounding board for the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Gap Financing

Success Stories

Dry Lake Photo.jpeg

Ryan Fairchild, co-owner of Dry Lake Brewing says, "As Kevin [Kevin Burkey, co-owner] and I started down the design and demo portions of building Dry Lake Brewing we looked at and researched multiple avenues for financing different aspects of the project. Conventional financing wasn't balancing out with our plans, and we were introduced to CKDI. From Pitch to handshake, it was a very comfortable process. Gaining access to a group of seasoned business owners as we started up has been of great benefit and additional value over that of a simple loan."

Success Stories

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our goal is to hear your ideas to see if CKDI could offer either primary financing or gap financing for your project. If you're interested in pursuing a partnership with CKDI, here's how our process works:

1. Develop a business plan and financials

We want to see your plan for operations, your roadmap for your business idea and how you plan to achieve your goals. We'll also need to know about your personal and business credit history, so personal and business financial statements are key as well as financial projections. Contact Great Bend Economic Development today for resources to help through this process. 

2. Gather all necessary documents

Here are the documents you'll need to move forward with us. Follow the checklist HERE and we'll help you get started!

  1. A business plan with financials for the new business.

  2. Three years of tax returns from the previous owner if buying an existing business.

  3. A signed business purchase agreement that outlines the terms of “what is being sold and for what amount.” Please indicate any “blue sky” or an additional need for working capital.

  4. A signed lease agreement for the building, if real estate is not being sold and you are renting.

  5. Other items listed on the attached checklist.


Once you've got all your documents ready, we'll set up a confidential meeting with our loan review committee to ask questions and tell us about your business. This is an open conversation with no obligations. Should you decide to proceed, our Board of Directors will review the project and make a decision within 2-4 weeks.

Contact our partners at Great Bend Economic Development today to help you through the startup processes and get you investor pitch ready!

The Process

Let's Get Started

If you'd like to get the process started or get more information about how CKDI's process works, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have or to schedule the initial meeting with our Executive Board.


Call us at 620-793-3821 or fill out the form below to send us an email.

Thanks! Message sent.

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